X-Wing Miniatures Wave Three Preview

A couple of weeks ago Fantasy Flight Games announced their third wave of ships for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game.  A couple of these I expected but the other two I was a little surprised by. 

First off, we round out the original trilogy fighters with the B-Wing and the Tie Bomber.  Both of these are the biggest fighters each side sports and it looks like each comes with a variety of support weapons.  The Tie Bomber looks pretty versatile with both a two firepower and two maneuver and can take some serious damage with six hull.  The B-Wing isn’t very maneurvable but packs a three firepower and can take even more damage with three hull and an impressive five shield.

The other two ships were a little surprising.  There’s the Lambda-Class Shuttle (which I didn’t even know had weapons) and the HWK-290 (which I don’t know too much about) both of which are being billed as support ships.  The Shuttle packs some serious firepower and can take a ton of damage (the same as the Slave-1 if memory serves me).  I don’t know much about the HWK-290 other than it was Kyle Katarn’s ship.  It’s a lighter ship without much firepower but from what I could make out, some of the abilities are interesting (like Kyle Katarn, who can pass on a focus token to someone else).

If you want the run down, here’s the release from Fantasy Flight.  To date, we have all of the expansions except for the Tie Interceptor and the A-Wing.  Those two ran out quick but I checked the calendar and they’re coming out with more soon.  We’ve done one battle with the Millenium Falcon but haven’t used the Slave-1 yet.  If you’re buying, make sure you buy more Tie Fighters.  The Imperial ships in just about every category are lighter than the Rebels so you almost always need more. Just to match up, I needed two Tie Fighters and a Tie Advanced to take on the Falcon and still lost pretty handily.

And one last thing, a future product is the Starfield Game Tile Kit so if you’re sick of playing on a blank table, you’re going to like this.

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