Lord of the Rings The Confrontation Returns

I was pleased to see that Fantasy Flight games is reintroducing an older classic. Lord Of The Rings The Confrontation has been out of print for some time and my son and I started playing the original version of this game.  It’s a two player game with one side being the heros and the other side taking on the minions of the Dark Lord.  The game is quick to set up, easy to play, but the rules are just tricky enough to where there is a ton of replayability.  The heros can win by getting Frodo to Mordor while Sauron’s side can win by taking out Frodo.  There are a couple of terrain rules and the primary rule is most pieces have to be moved forward (no backwards movement unless that character has it as part of their special ability).

This game has been described as Stratego like but it’s a much deeper game than that.  Each token (each side has nine pieces) is unique with each character having their own special ability.  When combat occurs, each side also uses a card from their deck to boost up or give that character a special ability and this is where the strategy and counter strategy really comes into play.  When we got it last summer, we played it quite a bit and then for Christmas, I picked up Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation Deluxe Edition which gives you more character types and a few more special ability cards.  I actually preferred the base game better but it was fun to mix it up.  My son was particularly enamored with the newer Frodo card, which allowed Frodo to give the Ring to Sam.

With my son, he picked up this game and it was a treat seeing him bluff me and outthink me with his combat cards.  For a while it was all we’re playing but since then it’s been replaced but it’s still a great game.

This new version that Fantasy Flight is putting out looks like it includes everything that was in the Deluxe edition.  It’s coming in at a really good price point (I paid more than twice that for my Deluxe edition) so when this comes out, I highly recommend you pick it up.

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