We’re a few months into this “project” and I hope you like the content so far.  I know things got a little light around the holidays but now we’re back up and going.  I know I promised you some Memoir ’44 content but my blogger has had to deal with some personal stuff and he hasn’t been able to kick things off like he thought.  For now, unless I get more feedback, I’ll be doing more of the same and I have few things planned (namely some reviews of older games).

A few people have asked me how they can help out and there’s a few ways.  The most important is to give feedback.  I’d love more comments and a discussion or two would really be fun.  The other way to help me is, if you buy stuff from, you’ll see links scattered throughout my blog posts.  If you click through one of those and make your purchase, I get a small commission.

Also, if you have a game you want advertised, just let me know.  Or if you’re doing a kickstarter campaign for a game, I’d love to give you some free publicity for your upcoming title.

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