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Special Ops #1 – Savage Streets

While I’m working on getting some Advanced Squad Leader content here soon, one of my favorite game companies is Multi-man Publishing.  ASL is one of their bread winners but they also publish a variety of games and publications including Special Ops with the first issue coming out in the Summer of 2011.  In the magazine you’ll find a little bit for everyone and this one includes some game articles and there are also four ASL scenarios (two are for ASL and two are for the starter kits).  What I usually look forward too are the mini-games that are included.  This issue includes including Raphia (which sort of but doesn’t quite require MMP’s Standard Combat Series rules) and the other is Savage Streets which is what I recently set up and messed around with.

Savage Streets simulates the battle for central Stalingrad with an emphasis on the ferry landings that took place between September 14 to September 27th, 1942.  There’s a small amount of old school counters you have to punch out but that didn’t take that long and I was interested to see there are solitaire rules for the game so I set it up and played a couple of rounds.

The solitaire rules didn’t really grab me though and I lost interest after a couple of rounds but I could see this being an enjoyable game with an opponent.  The Germans start with an advantage early but they have to make a quick push and things start to even out and the Germans spread themselves out.  The Germans also have to keep their supply lines open to get the win so that can be a challenge as well.  I thought combat was particularly interesting with the superior side getting more dice but you don’t add them together you compare them on a one to one basis. This can create situations where the inferior fighting force could potentially pull off a major upset.  Plus just by fighting their way through the map, the Germans wear down.

In short, a not complex game (I wouldn’t call it easy though) with some interesting nuances.  It’s also a quick game that doesn’t require a ton of time.  And more importantly, it touches on a very interesting portion of World War 2.