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New Preorders at GMT Games

GMT Games has added a few new titles to their P500 list.  This is your chance to not only speed up a games progress to being printed but it also usually gives you the best possible price.  This month there are three new additions to their P500 list.

First on the list is 1914, Serbien muß sterbien, a Michael Resch title that focuses on the early parts of World War 1 on the Balkan Front.  It’s being billed as a great gateway game into the series because it has an affordable price point, doesn’t require a lot of space to play and it only has one map.

Next up is Combat Commander Battle Pack #6.  Subtitled “Sea Lion,”  this series of scenarios focuses on a hypothetical German invasion of Great Britain in World War II.  You get ten new scenarios and that take you through both a German invasion and British counterattack.  There’s three maps and it looks like a lot of fun play for only $18.

Finally there’s a new Richard Berg title, Genesis.  There’s not a lot of information on this game but it’s being billed as similar to Pax Romana.  It covers the late Bronze Age in the Middle East and all I can say is, you usually can’t go wrong with a Richard Berg game.  I’ll be keeping my eye on this titel as more details surface.

What GMT titles are you playing right now?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Blue Cross, White Ensign a New Preorder at GMT Games

Just added to GMT Games’ P500 page is Blue Cross, White Ensign.  I haven’t played this series but it’s third in their Flying Colors Series.  The price point isn’t bad and it focuses on the Russian Navies’ struggles against both Sweden and Turkey from 1770-1807.  What looks intriuging about this game is it looks pretty solitaire compatable.  There’s no graphics yet but if you want a taste, you can check out the other two games in the series, Flying Colors and Serpents of the Seas.

I haven’t played a GMT game in a while.  One of my favorites is Twilight Struggle.  I have Paths of Glory but haven’t played that one yet.