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A Peak at Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

Growing up, I was a Marvel slappy.  As far as role playing games, we played mostly Dungeons and Dragons and Battletech/Mechwarrior.  Number three on the list was the Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game.  My son has followed in my footsteps and has taken to most of the Marvel universe, particularly Spider Man.

I was looking around Board Game Geek the other day (it’s easy to get lost in there) and looked at some of the hot games and saw Upper Deck Legendary Marvel Deck Building Game.  My son and I have gotten into some of the other deck building games (Pokemon and the Lord of the Rings so far) so this drew my eye and I have to say, this game looks pretty sweet.

The game comes with 15 heroes and players choose which ones they want in there deck (as well as their applicable cards).  Then they square off against a predetermined bad guy.  It looks like it’s cooperative but it looks like the ulimate goal is to accumulate points by beating the bad guy and the most points wins.

The price point is kind of high and I’d be interested to see how they do expansions, which this game looks perfectly set for.  If they do something like the Lord of the Rings Card game where the expansions are small but inexpensive, I could see this being a nice buy because you can pick and choose who to add.  Still, this game is going on the list.