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Board Game Blog Hiatus

Thanks everyone for stopping by but I’m a brief hiatus.  I’m still getting in a game now and then with my son (played Harry Potter Hogwarts House Cup Challenge last night and got smoked and I will get in a game of Middle Earth Quest once in a while) but I’m a CPA so this is my busy time of year.  Look for new content (maybe videos?) after April 15.

Harry Potter Hogwarts House Cup Challenge Review

This was a Christmas present last year but Harry Potter Hogwarts House Cup Challenge Adventure Board Game has gotten a lot of play in our house.  While most of what we’re doing is Lord of the Rings related now, last school year was mostly a Harry Potter kick and this was one of the few Harry Potter related board games out there.

While on the face of things it looks a little “kiddie” this game is actually pretty deep and a good gate way game to get your kid into board games.  Each player controls one of the four Hogwarts characters (Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom) and your goal is to move around the board completing tasks that are signified by cards.  There are three “statistics” that each player builds up for their characters and these are Honor, Knowledge and Skill.  By completing tasks, you either get an increase in your stats, more cards to play or you get victory points which is what you need to win.

Five of the school “years” are signified by the game and early on the cards are easy but as you move through the years, they get progressively harder.  The tougher the cards, the higher your stats need to be to complete it and the richer the rewards.  When the combined victory points of all of the players gets to each 100 increment, a new year starts and more cards are added to the deck.

There are also “special” cards that are either spells or items the players can keep and use sporadically throughout the game.  Also, a “wand” moves from player to player and when you have the wand, you can temporarily increase your stats to help complete a given card.  I also really enjoy the board, although it’s really large so you’ll need quite a bit of space to play this one.  The winner is the person who has the most victory points when the fifth school year is completed.

A fun game and my son really likes it.  It is long though, especially the first few times you play and get used to rules.  Still, it’s easy enough for a younger board gamer and it’s especially fun if they’ve recently gotten into Harry Potter.  One of the problems though is the game looks like it’s out of print and the price point is getting pretty high at least on Amazon although I’ve seen some reasonably priced copies on Ebay.  In short, if you’re looking to buy it, I’d get it now.