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Star Wars Card Game Deluxe Expansion Announced

I haven’t picked up Star Wars: The Card Game and if I’m not careful, they’re going leave me in the dust.  They’ve already announced four expansions in their Hoth Cycle and now they’re putting out their first Deluxe Expansion, Edge of Darkness.  The base game looks really cool and this addition looks like it’s going to make things even better and it adds some of the cooler bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe as well as Jabba the Hutt.  It also lets you reenact some of the cool moments from the original trilogy which makes this set most desirable for me.

Looks cool and I can’t wait to get it.

Star Wars Card Game – Hoth Cycle Force Pack #4 is Assault on Echo Base

I still haven’t picked Star Wars: The Card Game but it’s near the top of my list of games to get.  In the meantime, Fantasy Flight just announced the fourth Force Pack in their Hoth Cycle and it’s going to be Assault on Echo Base.  One reason alone to pick this one up is the Imperial side gets Walkers.  If you want to check out the other titles in the Hoth Cycle, you can check them out at this page.

I’m curious if they’ll follow the same kind of pattern they did for Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game where you have a set of six common theme packs followed by a deluxe expansion which then leads into another six theme packs that utilizes the deluxe expansion.  With that, I’m really curious what that deluxe expansion is going to be like.  Either way, I’m sure it’s going to be fun.

Holiday Haul

We’re back from the holidays and with it, there’s some new games.  Here are the games either I got for Christmas or I bought for my son.  This year, I pretty much got him either 1)  Games or 2)  Legos so this is a nice list.

1) Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set as well as one each of the four expansions.

2) The Lord Of The Rings Sauron Expansion Set Board Game

3) Lord of The Rings LCG: The Hobbit Over Hill and Under Hill Expansion

4) Lord Of The Rings LCG: The Hunt For Gollum Adventure Pack

5) Wizards of The Coast Legend of Drizzt: A Dungeons and Dragons Board Game

6) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Adventure Board Game

I also got some Battlelore stuff from Santa that I picked up at Fantasy Flight’s black Friday sale and we also got in a few rare games of Middle Earth Quest.  In short, we have a lot to play and I should have a lot to report here soon.

A Peak at Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

Growing up, I was a Marvel slappy.  As far as role playing games, we played mostly Dungeons and Dragons and Battletech/Mechwarrior.  Number three on the list was the Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game.  My son has followed in my footsteps and has taken to most of the Marvel universe, particularly Spider Man.

I was looking around Board Game Geek the other day (it’s easy to get lost in there) and looked at some of the hot games and saw Upper Deck Legendary Marvel Deck Building Game.  My son and I have gotten into some of the other deck building games (Pokemon and the Lord of the Rings so far) so this drew my eye and I have to say, this game looks pretty sweet.

The game comes with 15 heroes and players choose which ones they want in there deck (as well as their applicable cards).  Then they square off against a predetermined bad guy.  It looks like it’s cooperative but it looks like the ulimate goal is to accumulate points by beating the bad guy and the most points wins.

The price point is kind of high and I’d be interested to see how they do expansions, which this game looks perfectly set for.  If they do something like the Lord of the Rings Card game where the expansions are small but inexpensive, I could see this being a nice buy because you can pick and choose who to add.  Still, this game is going on the list.

Desolation of Hoth First Force Pack for Star Wars Card Game

Star Wars: The Card Game is coming out soon and just a couple of days ago I speculated as to what the first expansion pack would be.  Well, Fantasy Flight announced today that the first Force Pack is the Desolation of Hoth. It looks like the first series is going to center around Hoth and this is the first pack in that set.  Check out the Fantasy Flight blog for some sneak peaks at some of the new cards.


Star Wars The Card Game Preview

I’ve already talked about the Lord of the Rings Card Game but I’m equally excited to see the Star Wars Card Game coming soon.  After a delay, it looks like we’re going to see the game before Christmas and Fantasy Flight is rolling out a series of preview with the first one going up a couple of days ago.

Unlike the Lord of the Rings game which is cooperative, the Star Wars Card Game pits two players against each other.  In this first preview, we get a taste of what went into the decks as well as an idea of what the cards are going to look (i.e. very cool looking).  Also be sure to check out a post from a few days earlier on deck building.  I’m also curious to see what the first couple of expansions are.

This game, as well as Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set are both going to be Christmas buys so I’m hoping to check out both of these games very soon.

Lord of the Rings Card Game Resources

One of my favorite websites when it comes to gaming is Board Game Geek.  If you ever want a plethora of information on a given game, check out its Board Game Geek page.  The Lord of the Rings Card Game page has a ton of cool stuff.  There a bunch of videos and some really cool information in the forums.  There are even a few custom scenarios if you’re looking for something new to try.

On Deck – Lord of the Rings Card Game

The next game I’m going to teach my son is Lord Of The Rings: The Card Game.  We’ve played the Lord of the Rings Board Game several times and we’ve even played the more complicated Middle Earth Quest after he watched the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.  With the Hobbit coming to the big screen, I know he wants more so I picked up this game and we’re going to play to make sure he likes it before I buy some expansions for Christmas.

The first thing I liked about this game is it’s cooperative.  While we usually end up playing a lot of game “together” even when we’re opponents, this takes some of the competitive nature out of the game as we work together toward a common goal.  The Core Game comes with four ready made decks and three scenarios you can work through.  The other thing I liked about this game is it’s also designed to be played with just one person.  This let me set it up and go through the game mechanics a couple of times before I sit down with my son and teach it to him.

Each player has a deck of cards as well as one to three heroes.  The heroes are the focus in the game and the deck provides support as the heroes work their way through the scenario.  There are four spheres (Leadership, Lore, Spirit and Tactics) and the game comes with one deck for each sphere as well as three heroes for each sphere.  In your deck you have attachments (think magical items), allies and event cards that you use to help you complete the scenario.

The bad guys have their own deck called the encounter deck.  This deck contains enemy cards, location and treachery cards (think traps) that the players must navigate past.  There are seven stages to each round where each player makes choices as to how they spend their resources, whether to commit heroes and allies to advancing through the quest and then combat with the creatures you encounter along the way.  If you finish the quest, you win.  If your heroes all die or the threat meter moves too high (which means you have a limited number of turns to complete the scenario), then you lose.

There’s some interesting aspects to the game play that you have to consider.  If you commit too many characters to advancing through the quest in a turn, it leaves you open to enemy attacks.  If you travel to a location, it both slows you up and it could result in either (or both) good or bad circumstances.  If you’re used to game like Magic The Gathering, each hero or ally gets one action per turn.  If you use it early during the quest portion, he’s not available when the creatures attack.

I played the first (and easiest) scenario solo and got through it both times although one time was pretty close.  If there’s one knock on the game, I’d say it’s that there’s almost too much emphasis on the heroes and not enough on the deck although I used the same sphere both times so I don’t know if this was different for the other decks.  I’ll report back on this as we play through the other scenarios and get further into the game.

Assuming my son likes the game, I’ll be getting him Lord of The Rings LCG: The Hobbit Over Hill and Under Hill Expansion since he’s really excited about that movie.  The second Hobbit expansion is set to come out pretty soon so I see that in our future as well.